2019 Calendar

Leadership Training Schedule

January 14: 10am-12pm Webinar (English)
January 15: 10am-12pm St. John Baptist de la Salle
January 16: 10am-12pm Our Lady of the Assumption, Ventura (English)
January 17: 10am-12pm St. Monica (English)
January 17: 5pm-7pm Webinar (Spanish)
January 18: 10am-12pm St. John Chrysostom (Spanish)
January 22: 10am-12pm St. Dominic Savio (English)
January 23: 10am-12pm Sacred Heart, Covina (English)
January 24: 10am-12pm Assumption, Los Angeles (Spanish)
January 25: 10am-12pm Holy Cross, Santa Barbara (English)
January 25: 10am-12pm Webinar (English)
January 25: 5pm-7pm Webinar (English)

Campaign Launch
Week of January 14: Parish Materials Arrive
Week of January 21: Parishioners Receive Direct Mail
February 2-3: Announcement Weekend
February 9-10: Commitment Weekend
February 16-17: Follow-up Weekend

2018 Calendar

For assistance please call the TIM Office at 213.637.7672

November 2, 2018: Direct Mail File Update Due
November 2, 2018: Recipient Parish RSVP Due
January 14, 2019:   End of the 2018 Campaign


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