St. Malachy School, Los Angeles


St. Malachy Catholic School has fostered a profound and committed relationship with the South Los Angeles community for over 67 years. St. Malachy provides its families with a safe haven allowing every student to feel nurtured in a “home away from home” environment.

It is through the support provided by Together in Mission and the committed and dedicated faculty that the school remains open and is able to serve, educate, and guide its students spiritually and academically.

“At St. Malachy every child is enriched by just being part of our school. We have the most beautiful, talented, kind, and bright children.”

– Brenda Berumen, Teacher

St. Malachy School provides a strong religious education, that emphasizes the cultivation of a strong relationship with God through the fundamental teachings of the Catholic faith.

Families send their children to St. Malachy to learn, grow, and experience the Catholic faith, making this school a wonderful place to learn.

“St. Malachy is my home. I learn about God, and to love each other. The teachers here care for us and always remind us that God loves us and with God everything is possible. I have become smarter and know that God truly is real.”



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