St. Camillus Center


Chaplains at St. Camillus parish gather each day for prayers/reflections and we each lunch together because working as a team allows us the strength to journey with our patients at the Trauma One hospital known as LAC USC Medical Center.  Chaplain Manuel  sees a patient in ER, a victim of a gun shot, an elderly person with cancer, a child hit by a car and provides that first connection with our patients and their families. A mother giving birth will meet Sr. Jan or those in one of our many ICU will meet Fr. Bob or Fr. John or Fr. Joshua. An inmate will encounter Chaplain Nick or those in need at night will meet Fr. Chris or our chaplains who share the 24/7 pager.    We work closely with our chaplains sponsored by the Presbyterian, Episcopal and Methodist community along with 30 clergy from the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and various Christian churches or persons with various language or cultural needs. Those at Keck or Norris will be served by Chaplain Syemon, Sr. Luellen, Cardinal Mahony or one of our priests who are on call there 24/7. Our AIN project provides emergency items needed for patients about to be released, such as new baby items, food or shelter assistance. Our McIntrye Fund is used throughout the year for partial funeral needs and housing needs. Our patients come from all parts of the Archdiocese and from every parish as well as places throughout Southern California. St Camillus hosts for the Archdiocese the AIDS, Death Penalty, Gay and Lesbian, Pax Christi ministries.

Together in Mission keeps our doors open as a parish. Our historical commitment, begun by Sisters in 1855 and the dedication of St. Camillus in 1954, remains to provide spiritual care for the poor and marginalized in Los Angeles. Our trauma One hospital(600 beds) hosts the hospital for jails, burns and psychiatric patients along the neuro, cardiac, pediatric and OBGYN services. Our emergency room has 125 beds with our chaplains responding to over 400 emergency calls during a year and our daily daily rounds in all areas of the hospital. Our seven Catholic chaplains and our Outreach on behalf of the Archdiocese to those living with HIV/AIDS,  We also partner with foundations and LAC USC to host an Urban ACPE school for chaplains providing training for our St. John Seminarians and students from various faith seminaries and persons serving all over the world. TIM provides our basic budget since our Sunday mass in the hospital has a collection of $50-75. Our Friends of St. Camillus(3000) fundraising events along with foundation partnerships help complete our annual budget. Daily we pray for our friends in TIM and Fr. Chris regularly preaches and speaks on Gospel Justice with a first shout out to partners in TIM.

The patients, families, staff of the hospital join me and my staff to say THANK YOU to TIM so we can continues the decades of GOD’s Mercy.


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