Setting the Together in Mission Example

Together in Mission is not the average diocesan annual appeal.  While many annual appeals across this country support a diocese’s Chancery office, Together in Mission directly and exclusively supports the poorest parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, demonstrating our faith in and love for one another – and that we truly are one Church.

Early each calendar year, Together in Mission launches simultaneously at each of our 288 parishes which span over five regions.  Over the course of three weekends, parishioners make gifts and pledge to support this effort.  As a bonus, once a parish meets its Together in Mission goal,  the parish keeps monies received above and beyond the goal which is referred to as a rebate.

For many years, the parishioners at American Martyrs in Manhattan Beach in the San Pedro Region have exceeded their goal and have been Together in Mission Top Performers. Msgr. John Barry has consistently returned these surplus funds to the Together in Mission campaign to further help those in need.

We are grateful to Msgr. Barry and the entire American Martyrs community for their generosity. This year alone, the parish gifted back more than $168,000 – an incredible act of love and generosity to help so many during these uncertain and turbulent times.

This year, over 67 parishes and 74 schools received Together in Mission fund assistance.

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