Our Lady of Sorrows, Santa Barbara


Founded over 230 years ago, Our Lady of Sorrows has a long history of serving as a second home for generations of Santa Barbara’s Catholic families.

With assistance provided by Together in Mission, Our Lady of Sorrows offers a robust religious education program, offering faith formation for Catholics in all stages of their faith journey. The program leads 300 elementary and high school students and relies on over 30 volunteers to walk this journey with them. Parish families are grateful for their endless help in assisting with the sacramental development of their children.

“We are blessed with this most valuable ministry to support our community and the request of Pope Francis to bring the Word of God to our world, and to remain joyful Christians in a stoic world.”

–Cara Crosetti

Religious education is essential for all and especially important for children who don’t attend a Catholic school. By focusing on teaching Catholic values, the students have the moral example to make decisions that uphold those values throughout their lives.

A Catholic parish is a community where our most special life moments take place. From Baptism through Confirmation and onto Marriage. At Our Lady of Sorrows, young people get to know the parish through the Religious Education program and learn how to discern important life decisions. They learn to invite Jesus to walk by their side throughout their lives.


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