Dolores Mission Parish, Los Angeles


Dolores Mission Parish and school are known for their prophetic work in the poorest area of Boyle Heights with gang members, the homeless, and for their commitment to educate and empower the youth. This incredible ministry and outreach is bolstered by assistance from Together in Mission.

Many Dolores Mission families are first and second generation immigrants, who are working poor, but are sustained by hope and deep faith as they seek to create a better future for their children. This year 65 school graduates are in college, the most college attendees in school history.  According to principal Karina Corgan  “Our goal is to empower our children to become leaders in their community, “men and women for and with others.”

“Without Together in Mission support, our parishes would not have the resources that allow us to live the gospel in a way that provides love, service, and accompaniment to those in great need.”

–Father Ted Gabrielli

Many families at Dolores Mission have been touched by the devastating realities of gang violence. With the guidance and support of the parish many have made the courageous decision to turn to Jesus on the cross and to our sorrowful Mary to help them to deal with their grief while taking a stand against vengeance. Dolores Mission has helped to create a more peaceful neighborhood where violence does not have the last word. God’s peace does.

“Together in Mission makes me proud to be Catholic”

–Ellie Hidalgo- Parish Administrator

Dolores Mission is a shining example of the incredible impact the Catholic community makes in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles when our parishes join together to witness to God’s mercy and generosity, and to walk with those most in need.


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